Work life balance for a mom who works

There’s no work-life balance. There is just the struggle for it. Truth is, there is no perfect, all time, constant state of balance either. Half the time we are wondering what it is and the other half we are struggling to achieve it.

But even though many wellness gurus try to sell the balance to me, I’ve learned through time and experience that a woman won’t ever have an easy time devising a balance. She’ll have a harder time maintaining it.

For more insights along these lines, please read my attached articles.

When I’m home I do think often of sick patients I admitted overnight. When I’m at work I think often about my kids and family. It’s a constant state of wondering. Wondering what people are doing. Wondering how things are being done. Wondering how I can do more.

But regardless of all the wondering, I don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out). No! That I don’t have. Because my choices in life have pretty much ensured that I’ll be missing out on some things unless I split myself in half. And then I’ll wonder, where do I put my head? Work or home?

So bottom line, I’ve stopped striving for balance or any semblance of it. Society hasn’t facilitated that for women yet. I alone cannot make that happen for myself. Society will have to create the balance for me. I know what society has done in the meantime to shirk the responsibility of creating a happy middle ground for us! It has put the accountability of balance on us! It has put the responsibility of balance on us! Once again, society wins. Once again, women feel like a failure if they don’t have the perfect swing of the pendulum.


  1. I think society has never been really nice to anyone in an exploitative position, in particular the women. They have been mostly used and abused in every possible manner. In spite of all this, one must keep striving for the best one can do. It saddens me when I see women exploitation all over the world in different ways. Having said that, my heart tells me that there has to be accountability of all those who are exploiting others in any way.

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