Superwoman, supermom, boss babe, super wife! The problem with believing that superheroes exist in women!

In a life of high expectations, accolading women with these titles is adding to our problems frankly.

No one is a super hero, right? Let’s just agree over this because then we can peacefully read through this blog entry. If you believe in these titles to be true and freeing then I’m sorry! Your delusion either needs to be checked at the door or you should find the superwoman blog.

None of us is a superwoman even though I know most of us have either imagined us to be that or have tried to be that. Being a superwoman is a mind game that society plays on us. Its purpose is to cripple us from thinking that we are humans and legitimately incapable of doing some things.

I could live with super woman because frankly, super woman is actually a comic/cartoon character with some form of existence and “reality” to it. But then I heard the term “boss babe” and I started to get the same queasiness that I had developed the first time I heard the term “home maker”. It seemed like a dishonest, manipulative and untruthful spin on an unpleasant job. Like how some employees are given longer titles to make them feel important when in essence they’re under everyone’s employee at the office. Yup! That’s how I started to feel around the term boss babes for women who really weren’t in a boss position at all.

And women should take some responsibility (even though patriarchy coined these terms) for riding these terms and making them popular. After all, women are very desperate to make a dent in misogyny and patriarchy. They have long fought for legitimate titles, even if they don’t get a higher salary or benefits with them. Women actually took these words as the only thing that came out of years of feminist movements and ran with them and patriarchy again laughed at our naïveté.

Why do women think that they’re not enough? Why do they need a qualifier and a descriptor next to their name? Why do most housewives run a mommy blog with a smattering of posts about ” mommy make over”, “five minute mommy make up”, ” nutritious cooking for your infant”, “I’m better than a working mom”, ” taking care of kids is the real job”?

Working moms usually belong to a working mom pod. Their topics initially look diverse but a closer look will reveal the constant seeking of validation and approval from society of their parenting skills. Frankly, this whole behavior is a creation of misogyny.

I sometimes wonder why women have an inherent fear of becoming obsolete? Why are we constantly reinventing our portfolio? We work the most. We sacrifice the most. And we continue to find means to prove the most.

When I first heard the word super mom, I’m not lying, but I found this to be a redundancy of sorts. Moms are super. We know that. They bring little children into this world. But what does super imply when it’s used in front of mom? That some moms are super and some aren’t. To be honest, there are many moms who are so busy mothering that they don’t show off their motherhood on social media. They don’t even know they’re super. They’re too busy being moms.

And what does boss babe mean? In a world where women are actively fighting to get respect and the type of decorum that’s reserved for men it is derogatory to call us babes. Even a woman routinely using this terminology is stupid. Women using it professionally is just inappropriate. If this expression is used as a joke or light humor or a quick pat on the back then I’m okay with it. But to make this part of our dictionary and actually associate ourselves with it is plain idiotic.

The idea of introducing new names to an old job isn’t new. I’m surprised that we have way more words to describe and define today’s woman compared to yesterday but today’s woman finds herself at more social crossroads than before. She’s exploring more, excelling at more, winning at more but also losing herself in the process more. And some of us have found a quick and placatory way of ending our search for us. We have coined some moderate impact words that sound good but mean nothing. These words don’t change the way people feel about us. They’ve only changed the way we feel about us. They’ve created an artificial calm in the chaos of feminism. They’ve also artificially induced a feeling of victory in many soldiers who were previously consciously fighting for all women. Who were allies in the fight against misogyny. Who previously were looking for validation and an honest path to self-affirmation. These words took all those soldiers from feminism. And replaced those soldiers with empty words that have become another battle that feminism has to fight in order to come out the winner.


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