The fruit of our labor

The biggest fruit of our labor is our children. We tend to them with our sweat and blood. We cry for them and laugh with them. There’s nothing more important than children having the best time of their lives when they’re still children. Why? Because they’re our biggest blessing.

But wait! Before you think that considering your own children to be the only source of Nijat, contentment and happiness then you’re a little skewed in your concept of love for children. The love for your own children can never be complete unless you nurture some degree of love and responsibility towards children in general.

Children are a universal undertaking. When a child comes into this world, every adult around them is responsible for making this experience truly worth living. Every adult has the accountability to do right by them. Every adult is charged to make the village that would ultimately raise this child.

Then why do we not have more patience, love and acceptance for our children? Why is our love for children with stipulations like if they’re pretty, if they’re well-mannered, if they’re bright, if they’re special? Every child is special. Some children retain their special status into adulthood but when a child, every child is special. Every child should be celebrated.

You might’ve heard of Christians believing in the Christmas miracle. Christians frequently say ” All I want for Christmas”. Well, this is all I want for Eid.

Inclusiveness for all children. Giving a little to all children. Making the field level for all children. Teaching children that anyone can be a doctor or an engineer or a pilot but it takes a very special person to be kind, giving and grounded. Helping our kids be someone’s spirit brother or sister. Helping our kids identify a support system and becoming someone’s support system. Because when kids have never been shown support, they can never learn to be support.

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