Tandoori Qeema

Whole coriander 3 tbsp

Almonds 10-12

Sesame seeds 2 tbsp

Kahatai powder but can use chat masala too 2 tbsp

Whole red chilies 10-12

Sauté the above and then add a little water and blend together in a mixer to a fine paste.

Yogurt 6 tbsp

Onions 2 in spirals

Tomato paste 2 tbsp

White cumin 1 tbsp

Whole spice powder 0.5 tsp

Salt to taste

Chicken or beef mince 0.5 kg

In about half cup oil put the mince. Now add yogurt, onions and tomato paste. Now sauté a little and add the tandoori paste that you’ve made. Add salt, white cumin, whole spice powder 1 tsp each. Sauté more and then put on low flame for thirty minutes. Ready when oil separates.


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