Divorce is not an option.

Of all the cliches that we have promoted as humans, this is probably the worst and something that many couples find their marital glory in but to me, is stupid.

Why isn’t divorce an option in a marriage? If we, for a second, assume that divorce isn’t a viable option in a marriage then are we saying that some surviving marriages are a function of this option missing from them?

Personally I’d feel very suffocated in my marriage if I was told that there isn’t a way out if ever I wanted. I’d feel trapped. I’d be miserable.

It would also, to me, make divorce more attractive than it probably is. It would make it the forbidden fruit. It would make it the solution to my problems.

Leaving divorce as an option doesn’t weaken a marriage, IMO. It strengthens it. By removing this clause from our minds, which by the way is extremely essential to the institution of marriage, we are creating a lot of confusion.

Couples probably mean it as a form of love and commitment when they say “Divorce isn’t an option in our marriage”. But don’t think anyone’s marriage is above a divorce. We are all just one step away from facing a dissolution of our well-pruned marriages.

Unfortunately natural selection can get anyone of us.

When a couple is trying to work through a marriage, don’t tell them that divorce isn’t an option and they have to try this and that and the other and if nothing works they have to stay together nevertheless because of kids/society/family/parents/communal property/common friends. That’s not fair to people battling the evils of a fractured marriage.


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