Kabab paratha roll


Boneless chicken 0.5 kg

Turmeric 0.5 tsp

Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp

Whole spice powder 1 tbsp

Lemon juice 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Red chili powder 1 tsp

Yogurt half cup

Marinate chicken in this for 2-3 hours. In a pan shallow fry on high flame for 10 minutes.


Knead all purpose Fluor

Now with a rolling pin flatten it out

Make a small dab of oil on it and evenly spread

Now fold it like we fold a sari’s fall or like the top of a curtain. Now make a ball of it. Now make small balls and flatten them out like paratha and cook like roti.


Tamarind paste 1 tbsp

Cilantro 1 bunch

Mint 1 bunch

Green chilies 2-3

Salt to taste


Blend in a blender.

Assemble everything.


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