Fuel your tank.

When nothing is good enough, move on

When it takes nothing for shit to hit the fan, move on

When you are slowly becoming older and that’s a problem, move on

When you want to be you sometimes and that’s a problem, move on

When love isn’t enough, move on

When commitment doesn’t count, move on

When there’s a bad connection, move on

When you become the antithesis of you, move on.

Because you weren’t created to be palatable, sufferable or tolerable

You were created to be celebrated

Because you weren’t designed to be someone’s muse

You were set free to be someone’s love

Because you weren’t expected to be her, her or even her

You were supposed to be you, you and only you

Because your calling in life isn’t to please and suffer

Your calling is to soar and discover

Because you didn’t come into this world to do someone’s bidding

You came to dance to your own beat

Because when all is said and done

When the flowers have blossomed and wilted

When the sun has risen and set

When the moon is filtering through your window

When your head rests on your pillow

When a tiny voice in your heart says

“Did you?”

Your mind should always say “I did and I was fucking awesome”.

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