Is standing in line at McDonald’s with a gay couple hurting your religiosity? Let me fix that for you.

I know your convictions for your religion are a truly weak thing so you can’t stand in line with a gay woman, hand in hand with another gay woman. Her partner. Her wife. Her significant other.

This system of family is beyond you so you whisper endlessly to your heterosexual wife about it. All the while appraising these women’s behinds. How morally non-corrupt!

The problem with homosexuality isn’t that it’s making us lose our societal structure. The problem isn’t even that it’s disturbing our religious structure. It has no direct effect on economy so economic structures don’t care anyway. The problem with homosexuality is that it’s disturbing our moral structure. For every gay man or woman who out themselves (or someone else does this least needed favor to them), a homophobic is outed. And for every homophobic who comes out, every homo-claustrophobic happens. And these homophobics and homo-claustrophobics are actually endangering our moral structure.

Homo-claustrophobic you ask? Hmm…. this is my terminology. I’m copyrighting it right now so don’t try to steal it and build your blog in support of homophobia. At least not before you read how it’s defined.

A homo-claustrophobic person is a person who can’t breathe in the company of a homosexual. Their nasal passages start constricting and finally the constriction goes to their lungs. They fear for their lives. So they duck out of lines to save their lives, or get down from the ride that a homosexual is going to share with them now at Six Flags or make uncomfortable noises in their throat to make a gay slur or simply, don’t let gay men and women use their church for their union . This is how you identify and diagnose true homo-claustrophobia.

The same people can’t have Thanksgiving dinner with their homosexual first cousin, can’t talk to their son’s gay teacher at the PTA and won’t go to Los Angeles during pride month because “I’m not gay”.

These people live a miserable life really. Because they’re always at unease. They fear that their siblings or kids will come out as LGBTQ. They don’t dislike homosexuality…….they fear it. Homosexuality makes this world unpredictable for them. And they like the predictability. They like that boys date girls and men are safe always. They like that they were born with a cisgender privilege. They watch their kids like a hawk and in the process alienate themselves from society. They can’t ever be community workers because they can’t think like a community worker. They can’t think of all underprivileged people. They will only think of an underprivileged person if he or she was heterosexual. This is how much homosexuality scares them.

Homophobia is a legit term. It has its basis in fact. It’s not something coined to give credence to the LGBTQ community. It has really shown itself to be a phobia, a fear.

But let me tell you something else. Let me show you the other side of this coin which is hidden from you.

Let me tell you how YOU make others claustrophobic in your presence. Especially homosexuals.

You see when you ducked out of that line, the women knew why you left. You weren’t the first one and you won’t be the last. You however went down in history as another man or woman who made them feel claustrophobic. For many minutes they tried to catch their breath. For many minutes they wondered why you couldn’t even stand in line with them. They’re just here to get a sandwich. If you asked them they’d tell you that they don’t do any couple-y thing in public just so they don’t attract unwanted, negative attention. They try to fly under the radar and act like two friends. But since they love each other and love outs itself despite our restraints that we put on it, they become conspicuous in a crowd of straight people. They don’t want it. It’s a doing of their love. Their love is liberating. Your interpretation of their love is claustrophobic.

When you declined to sit next to your gay cousin at dinner, he knew why. He knows that you think that just because he is gay, he has intentions for you. Sexual intentions. To say that no man is safe from sexual overtures by a gay man is like saying that no woman is safe from sexual overtures by a heterosexual man. To consider your cousin so bereft of moral values that he’d flirt with you and wanna be with you is immoral. It doesn’t show you in a good light. It reflects not at all on him. What it does is make him claustrophobic. He eats quietly through dinner because you reminded him of the quiet disapproval of his choice and identity that society has shown him too.

When you refuse to open your doors to them, you make them claustrophobic. Because you were their last hope. In a world of unkind slurs and threats, you were their safe place. Your judgment becomes God’s judgement to them and they become claustrophobic. Many decide to live a fake life with a fake family. Many quit the love they found. Many make a life of claustrophobia.

I’m not condoning any lifestyle or condemning it. That’s not my job. My job is to keep my head down, live my life, pass a friendly smile, eat a happy dinner, make a free choice. And if I can do this but he can’t or she can’t, then I’m not living or breathing in a free world. I’m living in a world where the walls wait to close on me as soon as I make a choice that doesn’t get approval from the phobics of the world.

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