My body, my choice

Anytime a woman tries to claim agency over her body, a man gets angered. Case in point, Henry Weinstein.

Anytime a woman raises her voice for something that an important man doesn’t agree with, a man gets angered. Case in point Greta Thunberg and how she has been ridiculed for advocating for the Earth.

Anytime a woman talks sense into her colleagues and tells them that strip searching a thirteen year old girl is unethical, she’s accused of influencing her colleagues. Case in point Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Anytime a woman dreams of leading a Muslim country, is successful in leading it, and dreams of it again, she’s killed. Case in point Benazir Bhutto.

Anytime a woman demands justice on the court, she’s deemed crazy. Case in point Serena Williams.

Anytime a woman covers her body, she is asked to take off the hijab as it is against what men think is appropriate clothing. Case in point, France.

Anytime a woman is young enough to be their daughter, she’s deemed immature. Case in point Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Anytime a woman chooses not to get married, she’s openly asked on TV shows why that is so. Case in point, Haseena Moin.

Anytime a sister helps realize her brother’s dream, she’s maligned for being pro-establishment. Case in point, Fatima Jinnah.

Anytime a woman talks, she’s shushed.

Anytime she says no, it’s considered a yes.

Anytime she expresses a choice, she’s considered rebellious.

What level of narcissism does a society have to be collectively practicing that it considers a woman’s body, expression, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, inspirations, motivations, lifestyle, their own personal business?

What level of misogyny are we a victim of where no woman can get past the system without a mandatory strip search?

What does patriarchy fear? That it will go out of fashion when women will stop wearing it?

Truth is, patriarchy fears its strongest allies, its men, turning with the tides of time. Men are joining women and that’s threatening to patriarchy.

More men are coming forward and more men are allowing patriarchy to make fun of them if that means emancipation of even one woman.

So yes, after all this time, patriarchy is smashing patriarchy and that’s patriarchy’s biggest fear. That was never part of the program.

That’s the biggest fear around this slogan and around Pakistan Women’s March.

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