Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She didn’t conform to any norm. Not a single one. Not even a religious one .

She didn’t live with her nose in the air. When her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer, she took notes for him and herself, took care of her kids and supported her family.

She has had cancer more than three times and only missed one day on the bench.

She bounced back every single time.

She disagreed with every one on the bench if she had to. She never backed down but she never raised her voice.

She and her husband openly modeled a “joint earning, joint parenting” family.

She continues to serve and after several surgeries for cancer, radiation and chemotherapy, she has been declared cancer-free in January 2020.

She’s the fairest judge in all land, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the woman who believes in equality when there will be nine women justices on the Supreme Court. She works tirelessly for gender equality and women empowerment. She gave rights to a thirteen-year old girl when she was strip searched.

This is why we need women everywhere where decisions are made.


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