You can’t change others.

Duh! We know that!

Yes, we all know that and still get into the unhealthy and potentially even self-harming habit of trying to change others.

Toxic people have a way of making themselves relevant. They load you with their opinion of you. But they don’t do it before making themselves important and central. They spend enough time with you to know your insecurities and potential shortcomings.

They are apt at having you expose your wounds and demons to them. This is a particular trait that toxic folks have. They really literally creep under your skin.

You can’t help them is what I’ve learned. You can only be compassionate to them, kind to them and not reciprocate their negativity. Because usually the toxin they spew is a result of a deep-seated unhappiness.

What you can do is walk away from toxicity if it’s draining on you. Remove yourself from it if it’s affecting your happiness. It isn’t on us to fix toxicity. Not everyone is that patient.

But if you are analytical enough to stop your emotions from guiding you then be kind to them and even, understanding towards their toxicity. Try to help them on their journey towards their better self. Do it without any expectation of any return. Pro bono. Know that how you’ll be paid for your kindness is by having less toxicity in this world for your kids and all the humans that will come after you.

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