Is social media really the enemy?

I’ve asked myself this question and you might have too.

It’s natural to become a little more critical of our lives when we see so much awesomeness on social media.

As Vince Lombardi has said “Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we catch excellence”.

That is what I apply to my use and perception of social media. I try to take the good from it. What is a fellow physician doing for the community, or how can I make some more money with a side job like another colleague of mine who works just as many hours as me, or how can I be more responsible with my journaling and chronicling of my life.

Most people who use social media criticize it also a lot too. It’s a double standard but it is what it is. Humans become insecure quickly. We look at a great picture by an awesome photographer and try to find out where they went to get that picture.


But I was born in a tech-heavy era so when I see a pretty picture by someone, I try to find out which camera they used because that picture can be created in the mediocrity of my home also.

It’s tough for me to blame any of my insecurities on social media because it’s not like the only people I know are the friends I’ve met through the internet. I am surrounded by fabulous people. They make me question my purpose and my drive everyday. Even if I didn’t have Instagram or Facebook or Twitter I would’ve found enough reason to be intimidated and influenced.

Calling social media the enemy isn’t right. Telling people to concentrate on having a meaningful life and an even more meaningful use of the internet is lost in its entirety when we contribute to the meaninglessness that’s portrayed on social media. If you’re saving your brain cells, please don’t spend my cells ruthlessly. Create content that’s meaningful and insightful like you expect from others.

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