Life events! Looking at this picture today brings back very happy memories. My baby-est sister got married this day and is a mother now. Time flies, right?
But being an autism mom, I count everything in autism progress. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.
While others look at how much their kid has grown, I try to remember how far my daughter has come in terms of language and speech. I try to picture how many times she bolted from the main area during the wedding, how she tried to almost forcibly sit with her aunt repeatedly who was the bride that day, how she made it so so hard for me to finish dinner, how I had to take my heels off and run after her for most of the event.
Fast forward to eid this year. I dressed to the nines, my girl stayed with me for the entire Salah, she enjoyed herself, watched her little brother, wore a traditional Pakistani outfit without any issues and was a total rockstar. We even went to brunch at someone’s place.
Pictures can be the landmarks that we look for and hope to make.

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