Wanna homeschool? May be test your readiness first?

1. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. It’s not because “I’d love to homeschool” or “I have nothing else to do with my time” or “my friends are doing it too” or “I don’t like our current school”. Homeschooling is a huge undertaking because you’re essentially taking your child’s future and academic success in your hands. Be as critical of yourself as you would be of the paid institute where you send them to be schooled formally.

2. Before you even think about it, read about it. Don’t go out on a limb and pull your kid out. Having a vision is essential to any type of project that involves your child. Homeschooling isn’t any different.

3. Homeschooling is different but also somewhat similar to institution-based learning. You have to have some connection with reality. Please don’t think that it is about flying with unicorns and jumping rainbows. The curriculum that would prove to be stimulating to your child may be very intense.

4. Homeschool isn’t with a set curriculum. People who homeschool are typically trying to break away from a curriculum. So following another curriculum mindlessly without special attention to your goals and reasons behind homeschooling is not what it’s about. And you may not have the creativity for it. That’s important to know.

5. Usually young women homeschool. While having other kids at home or going through pregnancies. Know your limits. I have two nannies by the way. I can’t do it without them. If you have other type of help around then sure consider it but doing everything by yourself can cause burnout.

6. The concept that homeschooling will take away social interaction or as one woman put it “school is the first platform for social interaction”. Dear friend! Why are you not making sure your child socializes in your presence too? Social graces are best inculcated by parents. The teacher won’t have any remedial plan if your kid doesn’t have friends or is a bully. So social interaction is incumbent upon the parents. Social skills, communication skills and other life skills are usually picked up by osmosis at school. There is no directed time towards these when they’re at school (unless you count unsupervised recess).

7. Make sure you can access tutors when you get stuck. Some concepts can be hard for parents too.

8. Consistency with homeschooling is important.

9. I chose to homeschool my autistic after months of preparation. It took me even longer to plan my homeschooling curriculum for my toddler who is so far typically developing.

10. I’m happy with my decision but I know loads of families who impulsively took this decision and ended up back in school.

Thank you

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