My kids call their mother “Baba”.

Whatever I may say about Adnan’s lax parenting skills , he has become a mother of sorts to my kids. Here’s how.

1. Stays up with them while tells me to sleep because I get up cranky the morning after.

2. Instituted diet programs when our kid had to go on an elimination diet

3. Plans a vacation for the last ten years with keeping the kids’ interests ahead of everything. There are no adults-only things that are on our trips (unless it’s a trip that just the two of us are taking) . Doesn’t like the trip being partly exclusive. Includes kids in everything even if it means extra work and extra prep.

4. Has the patience to match a saint’s. Wish I could say that about me.

5. Has put our kids to bed every night since they were born.

This Mother’s Day a little shout out to my partner-in-crime, my better half, my soulmate, the guy who proved to be the love of my life despite his idiosyncrasies, the man who actually holds it all together.

This Mother’s Day an acknowledgment of sorts for my guy. For how he comes out of his comfort zone to agree with me on most things, how he contributes to the lives of my kids sanely (mostly) and who has, against all odds, always chosen me.

Here’s to Adnan. Happy Mother’s Day to the guy my kids call Baba. ❤️

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