My best friend

My best friend hasn’t ever judged me. My best friend has never laughed at me. My best friend has never minimized my worries.

He has never called me stupid or showed me how my life changed because of my decisions. He didn’t criticize me for the choices I made. He instead helped me to deal with the consequences.

He has always been there for me. I can feel His support in my heart. It’s palpable. When His support surrounds me, I find myself instantly calming and regrouping.

Does my best friend ever point out the faults in me? Yes, always. But not when I’m vulnerable. Not when I’m reeling from the aftermath of a fault. He makes me see my errors when I’m stronger. When I’ve survived the storm and have had time to rehabilitate from it.

While there is so much that my best friend brings to me, He asks for nothing in return. What He asks me to be is the best version of myself. This is His only ask. Sometimes when I lose my direction, He gently nudges me back but never regulates my wanderings. He knows I’ll be back. He knows I love Him like He loves me and that I will find my way back to Him.

When I think of Him, I’m comforted to know that He won’t judge if I discussed this, this or that with Him. He’s never too busy for me, even though He has the whole world to listen to. He’s never too far from me either.

Sometimes I want my best friend at night, when everyone’s asleep, the moon filtering through the window, casting long shadows on my wall. I think of Him and I can feel Him leaning in to listen. Then I talk to Him and He listens patiently. He lets me talk, sometimes for hours. And then He counsels. And then He comforts. And then He tells me that everything will be okay. Those are the nights that I sleep my soundest. Those are the nights that He steps deeper into my heart and warms it with His noor. The light that shines from Him, shines through me. Those are the nights that Allah makes me whole again. He makes me the best version of myself.

Allah sets the bar for friendship. Allah shows us how friendship is practiced. How patience, support, compassion, empathy, sympathy, love, non judgement, positivity are the key ingredients of a friendship. When I see Allah always being there for me, I try to incorporate some of it in my friendships. Allah shows us how to forgive and be there always. When I think of the one thing that I wanna learn from Allah the most it’s forgiveness and patience. And love. And just being there to listen . May Allah afford all of us the opportunity and the emotion to be best friends of some degree to someone.

The concept of friendship as I learned from Allah over the years.

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