Stuck is a state of mind.

I’m the queen of getting stuck. I get so hooked on to things that I develop an almost fear-like feeling towards trying anything else. It is debilitating and keeps me from experiencing new things.

But one thing that I’ve never been stuck on is the right therapy/tool/device/program/method to help my little girl with autism find her voice.

Autism has challenged me in so many ways. But the biggest thing it did was to get me out of the box, be creative, step out of my comfort zone, look down the barrel of the gun, exploit my options, create paths for myself, be the wind under my own wings, ask for the best of people, tell people when they suck at what they charge astronomical amounts of money for. So what autism actually made me was FEARLESS.

And it made me switch my boring Frappuccino out for the Pink Drink.

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