The relevance of feminism

For those of us who do not find feminism relevant, here’s what I have to say as a woman who practices a profession EXACTLY like my male counterparts, completes a training program EXACTLY like my male counterparts and may have higher scores in all my licensing exams compared to my male counterparts AND STILL GETS PAID LESS.

I agree with someone who has pointed out that feminism should change its direction and that different countries may have different feminine problems that need to be addressed. Pakistani woman hasn’t been a victim of unequal voting rights but has certainly never had the legal or moral right to choose a life partner, sexual relations with her husband, her birthing choices, abortion choices, the right to demand separate accommodation, the right to divorce, the right to property as appropriate by sharia, equal representation in government, the right to earn, the right to educate herself, and most of all the right to be a basic human. Again, feminism starts at home. When we are facing such chauvinistic attitude at home then I don’t have much hope from men at large to make changes to their behavior.

How do I view blogging feminists? I think they are the ones who need to be checked. They are the ones who despite not being in the trenches claim to know all about the oppressed woman’s problems. They are the ones who are carrying out man hatery.

I hate the slogan “ all men are dogs”. I hate the concept of the “alpha female” because it’s generally used in a derogatory way. I hate the connotation that comes with being a feminist that they are “nutcrackers” and “ball busters”. And I think people like these so-called “aware” women have no idea what feminism is. Writing a blog about it and still being a privileged entitled Woman make them very questionable as the women who would question anti feminism. They actually are the poster child of anti feminism. Did not motivate people during any election and didn’t stand behind right is enough testimony for me. They talk the talk but haven’t walked the walk yet.