Objecting to sexualization of women isn’t an extreme measure by women.

When social media accounts say “sexualization of women should be on the terms of women” they forget that women categorically do not want to be sexualized. I believe these accounts are misled in their understanding of sex, sexuality, sexy, sexualization, sexual expression. They’re confused.

When social media accounts further qualify this notion by saying “We can’t live on extremes” they are essentially pandering to the commercial side of sexualization of women. The money-making industry that comes from a woman being a sex object. They also are listing to the side that would pose the question, “What’s an extreme? Is asking to not be sexualized an extreme measure by a woman?”

Sexualization is another term for objectification. Do you want to be objectified, women?

No! Because we know that this leads to the rape culture.

Activism for social justice can’t be centrist and that is sometimes not at the forefront of most social media accounts.

Also, I’ll mention this that these statements don’t come from mal intent. These are very aware people WHO DON’T GET ANY FEEDBACK ON THINGS THAT MAY NOT BE COMPLETELY OKAY.

When you see a famous person who has had more years of activism than us, more education than us, are older than us……. Don’t let them say something that’s not right because you have blind faith in their wisdom. If you think they said something that doesn’t align with what’s right, speak up! Yeah, you’ll have their followers come after you but that’s fine! Engaging with people is helpful. It promotes learning.

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