In hindsight!

Every single problem I have in life right now is going to have a miraculous solution in hindsight.

Every failed and tumultuous relationship looks almost perfect in hindsight.

Every thing that has ever gone wrong looks like a slow motion train wreck that I could’ve prevented.

Every time someone has pointed out my mistakes I have disagreed with them but in hindsight, I have agreed. And apologized and paid for my lack of insight in the moment.

Hindsight is a double edged sword. It’s a way to grow because it sort of indicates that things that didn’t make sense a few years ago are more acceptable and understandable now for us. It also makes for a lot of regret and guilt.

Hindsight really is a bitch.

So I think in hindsight the world will realize that we did have a pandemic. That there was truly an emergency to act and respond. That people’s lives were really in danger from an unknown virus that rapidly took lives if it found its host unprepared in anyway.

But when it’s about life and death, hindsight is just a big nasty ball of regret and tears. Hindsight doesn’t make us any wiser in these cases. It just makes us doubt our judgment forever.

For all the people who have been minimizing a pandemic by calling physicians “panicked” and “fearful”! A rule of thumb is to be afraid of a disease that a physician is afraid of. Because we don’t fear diseases. We fight them. We battle them and we get our patients better. The only diseases that we are afraid of are the ones that we don’t know about. And right now, we are faced with an enemy that is relentless and unheard of. So we are afraid that it could cost more lives. And we are afraid that it could make the world after COVID-19 look very different and not in a good way.


  1. Let me say respectfully that Hindsight is not a bitch. It is good and great. And you know why i am saying that.
    Humans are not material beings. The day they realize that in totality, this world will change drastically. But that may never happen. Just a feeling. I think we must strive to know the Truth about everything and Hindsight like many other tools helps us grow. Humans will continue living a confused life in the absence of knowing the Truth. Because, Truth places everything in perspective. These are just a few random thoughts.

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