Valentine’s Day 2020

February 14, 2020.

As I stumble out of bed, hoping to surreptitiously land on some chocolates that hubby might’ve left on my pillow like one of those swanky hotel people who scream “RIP OFF” each time you swoon eating the same York mint that you can get from the corner store…….

As I stumble out of bed envisioning a day of romance and abandon and adult-type appreciation of one another…….

As I stumble out of bed, not worrying about crashing on the floor at all because why wouldn’t I land in a bed of roses that my significant other has laid for me…..

As I stumble out of bed, imagining sexy bed hair and looking for the man who makes my dreams come true everyday….

I see a pair of eyes staring at me, unblinking, with the wisdom of the world in them, strangely familiar and still provoking a barrage of emotions ranging from gratitude to sheer love. As I stare back, I realize who this gentleman is.

Slowly the last 16 years of knowing my husband start to piece together. The emotions get ruffled a little. The pair of unblinking, now slightly frightening eyes come into focus. As I take into account the full effect of this stranger I realize, it’s Mr. Potato Head.

Then everything falls into place.

My toddler is sleeping with his head on mine, drooling down my neck .

My oldest has chosen this time to turn on Sesame Street at full volume.

And my Valentine is trying to fit into pants that leave him panting each time he puts them on. Finally the pants give up and make room for his new belly. He looks triumphantly at me, kisses his children and says with all the love in his eyes for the pants that haven’t failed him ever,

“They still fit. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sonia”.

#somedocs #valentines #valentinesday


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