Blinding Privilege

To be honest I wish for all women to be privileged. It would help us and elevate us. It would remove gender discrimination and pay gap and maternity choices and societal expectations. It would really help create a more coherent and unified front to the rest of the world because having some women with supreme privilege and having others being outright downtrodden is frankly causing the privileged sect to become blind.

Yes, blind! Some women are truly blind to the cause of feminism, the problems of womanhood and the need for a sisterhood. Some women are truly living and breathing misogyny but unable to see how they’re setting back other women by conforming to anti-women practices.

When I heard about some women being more privileged than others I was happy initially. These women could pave the way for others, I thought. They could make us more heard, I believed. They were going to be our voice, I trusted.

I was wrong on all counts.

Privilege only caused these women to join ranks with misogyny.

In the past one week I’ve heard two women, both from an underprivileged country with limited resources, tell me that misogyny is a thing that exists in women’s heads. That women are internally unhappy to report unhappiness with the system. That women need to take a grip on themselves, put their big girl pants on and move on.

One woman actually dismissed fertility issues being a stigma in our society and the other dismissed the constant dragging down of a woman by our society.

Privilege made them talk misogyny. Privilege didn’t empower them. Privilege made them conformists and allies with misogyny.

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