Chronic Justification Fatigue Syndrome

This is just my opinion but will probably ring true with many people. A woman is expected to justify every decision or choice she makes in life.

She is expected to fill gender roles the most. She has a generational expiration date on most things that she likes to do. And everything, literally everything, from childbirth to pursuing a career is questioned by our society. Of course a woman spends most of her life justifying it.

But we already know that and couldn’t care less. She remains functional despite the fatigue and exhaustion that come with always being ready with an explanation for the why, what and how of her life. Therefore we don’t care.

And as per my observation, the anxiety that she experiences when she is questioned so much is why a woman tries to justify acts that she hasn’t even done yet. She tries to find a reason for saying yes to a job, a proposal, a mortgage, a reproductive choice or even parenting. She constantly justifies it to herself also.

See how we messed her up?

But I know no one would be the least bit interested in this blog post if I didn’t say that this affects us too. Yes, people! Her chronic justification of the most mundane and the most important decisions of her life affect society also.

Because she has been raised with a justifiable purpose attached to every single activity that she has ever undertaken in life, she doesn’t know that there are somethings that we do just because. Just because the heart wants to and craves for. There isn’t a reason to walk in the park or eat ice cream or fall in love.

When she hasn’t been shown the joys of occasional purposeless indulgence she works like a programmed robot. She wakes up because she has to and one day, she dies because her work is done.

This woman then raises other women who take no pleasure in their inherent hobbies and leisure. These women live a productive and purposeful life but it is slightly meaningless to their own selves. But our lives should be the most meaningful to our own selves, right? We should be content with our own aspirations, right? We should decide what our calling is on our own, right?

Think about it! Wouldn’t you have chronic justification fatigue syndrome if people asked you why you did what all the time?

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