The glass cabinet

As I looked at my glass cabinet with all the lovely ornaments in it, I felt strangely empty.

That’s the problem with compulsive and impulsive buying. You end up hating most of what you might have splurged thousands on.

It’s also something that can make you feel really crummy after the initial high is over. Sentiments of guilt, regret, loss and being fiscally stupid may occupy you for days.


I love shopping. Let me rephrase it. I love the feeling of shopping. The mall is my favorite place. When on vacation I look for gift shops and souvenir kiosks just so I can get a keepsake. Sometimes that becomes all-consuming. I know that’s not how I should spend my vacation but the impulse to get a souvenir for each city that we visit in an exotic country is truly the most compulsive impulse I ever get. I have to fulfill it.

But it doesn’t end there. Once I had many souvenirs from our multiple vacations, my wall unit that I used to display them became too small. So these days I’m looking for a nice curio cupboard to house them.

Looking for the ideal cupboard is easy ; buying it is the hard part. Even though I normally try to keep my purchases a secret from my thrifty husband due to his anxiety over my frivolous spending, this is a large item. I mean I can’t hide this one in my shoe closet. This one will be in our living room.

I convince him to get one finally. We shop for it for days and then I get the most beautiful twelve pane curio cabinet that comes with gold knobs. My husband tries to argue with me about how it is too small for all my trinkets but I brush him off. Practicality has never been at the heart of my shopping.

We finally get it. But….. it can’t even take a fourth of the items that my wall unit proudly holds. I am disappointed but then I decide to keep some old ones in the wall unit and put all the new shiny ones in the new glass cabinet. My husband doesn’t even put up a fight.

It’s been a week since I got my new cabinet. It’s another fixture in my already too-cluttered-to-give-any-pleasure living room. When I was getting it I had a feeling that it would change my world. But turns out, it will take way more than this cabinet to change my world. Or may be way less?

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