World Mental Health Day 2019

I had no idea so many people suffered in silence until I became a practicing physician in a tertiary care center. Almost every patient had an antidepressant attached to their regimen. Sometimes more than one antidepressant were there. I started to become curious. How come there were so many depressed, anxious and bipolar people amongst us without us really knowing?

The truth is I know more about my patients when I talk to them about why they have that diagnosis. I can’t tell you how many faces of mental illness I have uncovered just by talking to people. How this can be such an elusive area to diagnose and treat. How the suffering is usually in silence!

I’m not any wiser about how to treat or diagnose mental illness just because I have spoken to a million patients about it. But I’m smarter now to know some signs. Knowing the signs is important for everyone. You never know who’s suffering. Reach out and find out. And when you’ve found out, don’t rest until you’ve gotten them the help they need.

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