Isn’t old age the biggest cop-out of the Pakistani society?

One of the things that pisses me off about Pakistanis is their automatic reverence and unconditional respect for people who’re older than them. And in most cases this respect is truly justified, except when it’s not.

Trust me when I say this! I’ve seen more unsavory behavior from the purported elders of our society than I have from teenagers.

It’s cultural. There’s no argument about that in my mind. It’s a cultural thing that southeast Asians regard their elders as a supernatural being who are above any rules of politeness.

But this has led to a lot of problems with our culture. This has led to an entire generation that owes no accountability to its offsprings for anything. Elders can lie, steal, extort and even rape and their crimes go undocumented.

This culture needs to stop, I think. How can we bend our rules for people who are considered older than us just by virtue of being born before us? These people should earn this respect by being upright and honest. This approach will hopefully also take care of a lot of sanctimoniousness, hypocrisy and shady behavior that is regularly displayed by this generation. An open denouncement of respect for elders on autopilot will help us have an honest and fair society.


  1. I’ve honestly been the most disappointed by the purported elders of our society. The constant reminder of how age is above everything else is so depraved.


  2. Yes, yes, yes! Time to call them out for all the crap they have and still are getting away with! When they have no other excuse or qualification, then the poorest ones comes out, “Lekin mein tum se bari/bara houn!” Bhaar mein jao!

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