Criticism! Our perception of the critic can change our reception of it.

Have you ever heard the expression “see what they’re saying not who’s saying it?”

Yup! That I think is essential to receiving feedback. Before you launch a bias against the critic, it is important to hear what they’re saying. While receiving feedback, being reactionary doesn’t help.

Because let’s face it! Most of our harshest criticism will come from people who judge us. They’ll say things that will make us reflect and ponder. They’re actually our real guides in the journey of life. All of my formative experiences in life have come from people who have given me some sort of harsh feedback or criticism about me.

And don’t think that all of those folks were sincere in their judgement of me or critique of me. Some of them were malicious. Really malicious and their astute observation of my life was uncalled for but I won still. How? I made use of the feedback they gave me. Some have been the sincerest and most forthright while providing me with their assessment of my work.

So here’s how I use criticism! I remove the bias that I may have with the critic. I listen to what they have to say. I work on it if it’s valid. I use transformational strategies. This is the way I win in the face of harsh, sometimes cruel, always unwelcome criticism. Because if truth be told I’d rather have people who contribute to my growth than people who try to keep me warm with their false insincerity. That’s not how I’ll win at life.

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