The Pakistani prescription for happiness

This morning I read a blogger’s blog entry. It intrigued me as to why women think they should tell other women how to find happiness.

Happiness is an elusive concept to the best of scholars and philosophers. Not many understand what tickles our senses, what makes us smile and why two people find happiness in two different things.

So for someone to say that “I climbed a mountain and felt happiness” is valid. That’s where they found happiness and that’s valid for them.

But for them to say that “wearing a new outfit just doesn’t give you the type of happiness that climbing a mountain does” is downright the major problem with the society that Pakistani men and women have created.

See we have a prescription for everything.

“Get married. You’ll be happy”.

“Have kids. You’ll be happy.”

“Go to medical school. You’ll be happy.”

“Go abroad and make a life there. You’ll be happy”.

And on and on.

Personally, I want the Pakistani society to shut up and let people live their happiness their way. What makes me happy doesn’t make everyone happy.

Watch my husband living his best life as he takes high-intensity rides with my daughter. Alhamdulillah. She’s autistic and nonverbal but is my husband’s ultimate companion on thrill rides. That’s their happy time.


  1. It’s a problem with us that we want people to follow our prescription for happiness. If truth be told, happiness doesn’t have to be perfect or all the time or overwhelming. It could just be this subtle thing in the background. Like you said, it’s within.

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