Thirty days that Kashmir has been on lock down

It has been thirty long days for Kashmiris. When this initially started, it looked like it would resolve in a few days and some form of communication was going to start. Unfortunately not! Kashmir continues to be isolated from the rest of the world. Only a handful of influential people have actually talked about it. Rahul Gandhi was turned away from visiting the grounds of Kashmir. He is the leader of the opposition party in the Indian parliament.

Why are we neglecting Kashmir? Is it deliberate? Are we waiting for this crisis to die down? Is this supposed to resolve on its own? Is the expectation for Kashmiris to become okay with how they’re being treated?

When India initially started the lockdown and the communication shutdown a lot of people defended it. As news is leaking of blunt force employed against Kashmiris I want to hear what their defense of India is now.

Unfortunately most of them were quite unsavory in their advocacy of India and reminded me again and again of how India is the biggest secular democracy and that Kashmir is in good hands.

Turns out “good hands” has also become a relative term. What’s good for some of us like freedom isn’t supposedly good for Kashmiris. What’s necessary for some of us like asserting ourselves actually might end up meaning bloodshed and further militancy for others.

Let’s make this world a safer place for all of us. Not just for the select few, the elite, the majority, the powerful.

Let’s stop being afraid of Muslims, transgender people, blacks, women, minorities and immigrants.

Let’s see what democracy and majority really mean, at the core of them. Do they really always mean something so great? Isn’t sometimes democracy like endorsing “might is right?”.

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