Vulnerability! Strength or weakness?

As some of you know that I haven’t been blogging for a long time. Only a few months. Actually a few months shy of a year to be precise. So not that long a time. But I’ve bared a great deal of my thoughts to an audience that I largely connect through the internet. I don’t have any physical connection with most of you. But with most of you I have an emotional connection. And that connection has been made by vulnerability. When I share my thoughts with you, I know a part of me has become raw and open to critique. Is that a negative thing? No. Why? Let me tell you what I think of this one.

Vulnerability is a strange emotion. It’s empowering only when we know how it empowers. It’s frightening because when we don’t know what it can do, we fear it. It’s intimidating when we see it in another person. It’s endearing when we learn how it makes the human connection.

To many of us, especially women, exposing ourselves in a manner that might bring emotional force on us , vulnerability has a negative connotation. We are afraid to show it, explore it and experience it.

I don’t blame you, my soul sisters! In a world where women have usually been denied things because they’re considered vulnerable and hence emotional and weak, I don’t blame you for being afraid of an important strength that the universe gifted you with. You fear vulnerability to bring something bad to you just like you fear your bodies to bring something bad to you. To a woman who understands her privilege in being able to live a life of endearing and empowering vulnerability, I’m aware of my vantage point.

But imagine if vulnerability could become your biggest asset, your largest well of strength and your one true trustworthy quality. Imagine if you didn’t hesitate before asking for help, the right to choose, the freedom to be. Imagine if us, as humans, relied on this amazing quality more than we rely on flexing muscles and different sorts of power play. Imagine if the purity of our vulnerability wasn’t exploited but celebrated and even, revered. Imagine how that would help humans jump light years ahead emotionally in how they see other humans.

My take is simple: vulnerability is baring our fears, showing our soul and asking for help. It doesn’t make us weak by doing so. It actually empowers the person whom we interact with. That person sees a strong person in us who isn’t afraid to admit that they’re human and in doing so, that person becomes human too. He sheds his shell of fake courage, “I’m all I need”, “I don’t need help” and “I’m brave enough to handle everything that life throws at me”. Those are empty catch phrases that we have been taught by people who want to burden some of us with more. In that moment we form a human connection. And in that moment we bring another human on our journey and also start their journey for them. This is truly the power of vulnerability. Is it a weakness? I don’t think so.

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