Pasanday ala Mama


Have meat cut as Pasanday 1 kg

Onions 4 medium, ground in a chopper

Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp

Ground whole spice powder 1 tbsp

Black pepper powder 1 tsp

Red chili powder 2 tbsp

Papaya paste or fresh papaya chopped fine 2 tbsp

Yogurt 0.5 kg

In an open dish place pasanday. Add all the ingredients. Then before baking add papaya 10-15 minutes prior. Now first put on the stove on slow flame and dry out the water that the yogurt gives off. Once tender, place in the oven at 150 F for 15-20 minutes. When done, can turn on the broil function for two minutes and get a nice barbecued look and flavor.

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