Haleem is a popular dish. Close to Hareesa.

Legend has it that this was served from left overs in Karbala.

Ground ginger garlic. 2 tbsp

Tomatoes 4 peeled

Yogurt half liter

Whole spice powder

Ground coriander 2.5 tbsp

Bay leaves a few

Ground red chili powder 2 tbsp

Turmeric ground 1 tbsp

All whole spices that include mace, nutmeg, light and black cardamom, cinnamon, clove. You will be separating these later so it’s okay if they’re whole.

Coarsely chopped onions 4

Oil half cup

Now add a kilogram of beef (Haleem specific or one with leg predominant without any bones)

Cook the meat.

For Haleem take

Wheat whole…. 1.5 pound

Barley one pound

Split chickpeas lentils 1.5 pound

Masoor lentils 0.5 pound

Moung ki daal 0.5 pound

Maash lentils one pound

Add all of this to the prepared meat and cook over night. Continue to cook on a low flame and you can absolutely add water. I’ve used the insta Pot too. That’s quicker otherwise on the stove it can take up to 10 hours to completely blend and make the traditional Haleem.

The utensil that I’ve shown here is to use to grind it all together once everything is tender (particularly lentils). Keep grinding. Loads of elbow grease needed. Or just cook in a pressure cooker or insta pot.

Questions welcome. Done use Shan Haleem mix. This is healthier and you know what you’re putting in.

Also, if the proportion of wheat and lentils isn’t very clear, you can easily get it from a Pakistani grocery store.

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