We have a Gryffindor

I’m a huge J.K. Rowling fan. Who isn’t, right? So of course I know all about the four houses, the point system, the coat of arms and the rivalry between the houses. I’m a Harry Potter aficionado if you will. Who isn’t, right? Right.

My favorite house is…… all of them. Really! Truly! I don’t have a favorite house and I don’t have a favorite designated trait of any house. I like all of them the same. I’ve always tried to put myself in a house and I’ve not really had any particular strengths to get me put into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I don’t have the bravery, the tenacity, the smarts or the situational awareness of any of them. But I gave birth to someone who, if she was sorted by the Sorting Hat, would have most definitely qualified for Gryffindor. And she would’ve done them proud. She would’ve worked hard everyday of her life to defy limitations that nature put on her, stack the odds in her favor and plough through. She would’ve stood up for marginalized people everywhere, particularly autistics. I say “would’ve” if she had lived in the Hogwarts era and been in Gryffindor. But she is actually my child who makes me proud everyday. My labor of intense love and perseverance. And she is her own biggest teacher and champion. She is also her own biggest advocate. So what do I expect my Gryffindor to do when she comes out the other end victorious and with an autism that will hopefully become the future face of autism? I expect her to ask for a seat for all marginalized people, particularly the special needs population, particularly the mentally ill population, particularly the cognitively challenged population, particularly the weak and vulnerable, particularly the children who will still be writing their story. That’s what I expect from my Gryffindor.

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