“Mama! Can I have the juice?”

“Here you go, honey!”

“Mama! I don’t think I wanna eat my steak and salad today.”

“What would you like, baby?”

“I’m not sure”.

“Wanna look in the fridge?”


“May be I’d like to try the pizza?”

“Awesome, honey! I’ll warm it up for you”.

“Can I have a different drink, Mama? Pizza doesn’t go with juice”.

“Sure honey! I’ve got seltzer for you. Would you like that?”

“Yes, please!”

“Do you think you’d like me to pick the jalapeños out, baby? Not sure you like them”.

“Actually I don’t, Mama! That would be awesome”.

“Whatever you need, pumpkin!”

My husband, watching me and my nonverbal daughter eating dinner, finally asked.

“How do you get what she wants?”

“ You just need to hear for her voice, honey. She has a voice even if she can’t talk. She can hear my voice, even if she can’t answer”.

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