Teachers embody hard work.

Parents can get so preoccupied with the idea of success. Do you know who doesn’t get obsessed and preoccupied with success? Teachers! For they practice hard work. Hard work is their belief system, their narrative and their ultimate teaching. They don’t want their students to be successful. They want them to give it their best shot and figure their potential out. Parents bring life into this world. Teachers shape life. They don’t quit ever. To them, every student is their pride. Every student is their own story. They don’t ever stop writing all individual stories. To all the teachers who make us empowered in our life 🥂#autismmom #autismhomeschooling #autismlife #sensoryprocessingdisorder #autismtravelhacks #autismtherapiesathome #autismempowerment #biomedicalautism

#stylemom #autismdelaware #taca #physicianautismmom

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