Dear Pakistani woman! For the longest time you asked for retribution for rape and sexual misconduct. You said you will even settle for an apology, an explanation, a promise to change their ways! You raised hell when a nine-year old was brutally raped by a person who was serially raping girls of the same age in the same community and was a blood relative to some of them. You were enraged when the court asked for evidence. You feel vindicated today that this person has been sentenced to execution. You consider this a win of sorts.

But you ask for evidence against Junaid Akram and Faisal Edhi? Why? Because it’s hard to believe they could do it, right? Yes it’s always hard to believe until it happens to you and you are sorry that you didn’t have your selfie stick on you to document it all.

Please don’t discourage women from coming forward and protecting other women, men, boys and girls against sexual misdemeanor.

In the words of Mesha Shafi “ It’s hard to talk about it but it was harder to remain silent”. #weareallinittogether