Why women like Lady Gaga? Because she’s a rockstar.

People can call Lady Gaga a million names. From eccentric to ” not that great” to attention-seeking nympho! She has been called a lot and certainly has reveled in many of these labels, being the rockstar that she is.

But controversial as Gaga might have been in how she has come across her fans and the general audience, she has had one attribute undeniably assigned to her by patriarchy and for that we are thankful. She was pegged as a rebel early on in her career and someone patriarchy is afraid of.

See patriarchy doesn’t like loud women. It doesn’t like women who dress in meat and have it go to a top-rated museum when they’re done with it. Patriarchy has outlined the way a woman is expected to present herself to the masses and most women comply.

But Gaga doesn’t comply. She wears heels higher than anyone else and stands as the tallest woman when she meets the POTUS. Granted the POTUS at the time was a self-assured confident man but still! Gaga takes no prisoners. She is always her most fierce self. She is always her most authentic .

I know not everyone might think that Gaga is authentic. Many people think she landed a great gimmick that made her successful. That she cashed her outrageousness and sexuality and therefore rose to the top. That even though talented, many other women possess the same talent and haven’t been as outstanding. Many question her success. Many raise eyebrows at how she has made a career out of sheer visibility and naked disregard for rules.

But I think Gaga is successful because she speaks to the woman intimidated by patriarchy. She speaks to the inner fear of being rejected by society because of being different or weird. She champions the “weird woman”, “the lonely woman”, “the odd woman”, “the still exploring her sexuality woman” and “the woman who wants to unwind after a long day of doing others’ bidding”.

So no wonder Gaga has dubbed herself Mama Monster and calls her fans Little Monsters. She has championed the monsters of this century. She has come to the representation of under-represented people. She has broken more stereotypes than many social advocates. She has openly told interviewers how she doesn’t appreciate their line of questioning. She has shown women how to stop questions that they’re uncomfortable answering. This is why women love Lady Gaga. Because she just doesn’t become a rockstar on stage. She’s a rockstar at all times, particularly when she is being her most authentic woman self.


  1. Very well written. In fact, I am a fan and admirer of every woman or girl who challenges patriarchy. God has created each one of us as independent individuals and therefore anyone who wants to control others in any manner in fact commits grave violation of essential (Creator Given) human rights. Thanks for highlighting this fact.

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