Subjecting our sons to the wrath of misunderstood and malpracticed feminism! Are we going to make an unequal world for our sons by raising our daughters as the more important gender?

Even for someone who is a feminist at heart…..this has become hurtful.

I’m watching a trend amongst women who are placing their daughters on a higher ledge than others’ sons. That hurts me.

They usually don’t have boys of their own so they don’t feel what I feel when they write columns after columns in favor of a girl child over a boy child. That hurts me.

They’re creating a narrative that girls are better when feminism never said women are better. That hurts me.

They’re pitting a brother and a sister, a support system like no other, a camaraderie that’s difficult to find in another relationship, a bond that comes with automatic allegiance and fierce loyalty, against each other. That hurts me.

They’re raising a generation of strong girls. The strength of these girls looks like their validation against men again. That hurts me.

“A girl is good when compared to a boy” isn’t the narrative. A girl is an individual and a human being is the narrative. They’re changing the narrative. That hurts me.

They make their girls look better than my boy. My boy is an equal with their girl. They don’t accept that and argue against it. That hurts me.

Their girls are even better than my girl. My girl is their equal. When you lose judgment in the face of bias, when you anchor yourself to a bias instead of with a principle, you live with a clouded sensorium. You cast aspersions on everyone who disagrees with your narrative. You become strident in your advocacy of one gender against another. That hurts me.

The purpose of feminism isn’t to elevate girls against boys. The purpose of feminism isn’t to tip the balance in favor of girls. The purpose of feminism is equality. The purpose of feminism is basic rights and delivery of basic rights to everyone.

If we start to raise a generation of girls with over-inflated egos, raise them as career women, prepare them for future positions of power, and have them run the same sexist operation that is run now, how does that benefit any of us? That puts us at square 1.

Our sons didn’t create inequality. Actually we are fighting against a system, not against individuals. We are fighting a fight to prove ourselves without being in competition with a man. Competing with men isn’t feminism. Working with men, trying to prove our mettle being the same quality as that of a man, deserving everything that men already have are the postulates of feminism. The aim of feminism is to free women of oppression. Its aim isn’t to badmouth men or prove that girls are better than boys or girls can do something better than boys or that girls make better children than boys.

The purpose of feminism is to free women of oppression. It isn’t to subject men to oppression in the future.

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